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David Guth, owner and principal interior designer of Studio DLG in New York City, offers a unique approach to interior design. He believes that every client deserves a space that reflects their personality and lifestyle and works tirelessly to make that a reality.


With a Bachelors in Architectural History from New York University and a Masters in Interior Design from Pratt Institute, David is well-equipped to draw inspiration from a variety of sources and create something truly special for you.


David never begins a project with preconceived notions. He starts every engagement with a desire to thoroughly understand his client's needs, tastes, and lifestyles. His passion for the city allows him to weave the culture of each neighborhood and the rich history of your building into his designs.


He understands the struggles clients often face with other designers and is intent on providing a solution that checks every box. His mission is to craft practical yet beautiful designs and he is committed to ensuring the spaces he creates are thoroughly enjoyed by every occupant.


David offers complimentary on-site consultations as he loves meeting with potential clients, hearing their stories, and experiencing spaces firsthand.


So if you're ready to transform your home into a space that truly reflects who you are, start planning your next project with David today.

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I've engaged David for two projects over the past 4 years -- he is an excellent designer, and I wholeheartedly recommend him.


On the design side, he is knowledgeable and has excellent taste. The ideas he brought to the table not only aligned with what I was looking for, but managed to be truly interesting and unique. In several situations, we wound up taking paths that I didn't even realize were possible...much less would I have had any idea how to execute. Additionally, there have been items that weren't on my radar where he made strong recommendations that paid off beautifully...resulting in a space that was more interesting, cozy, and cohesive.


Notably, he is excellent on the business side as well. He communicates well, is responsive, and follows up with vendors when/if issues arise with products/services. And he does not try to upsell -- many times I've pushed to change or upgrade an item, and he actually "reeled me in" from spending money unnecessarily, focusing me instead on high-impact/high-value changes.


Finally, on a personal level he's a pleasure to interact with. I'd hire him again -- or recommend him -- without hesitation.

-- Erel, Upper West Side

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