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Our Clients Say ...

I've engaged David for two projects over the past 4 years -- he is an excellent designer, and I wholeheartedly recommend him.


On the design side, he is knowledgeable and has excellent taste. The ideas he brought to the table not only aligned with what I was looking for, but managed to be truly interesting and unique. In several situations, we wound up taking paths that I didn't even realize were possible...much less would I have had any idea how to execute. Additionally, there have been items that weren't on my radar where he made strong recommendations that paid off beautifully...resulting in a space that was more interesting, cozy, and cohesive.


Notably, he is excellent on the business side as well. He communicates well, is responsive, and follows up with vendors when/if issues arise with products/services. And he does not try to upsell -- many times I've pushed to change or upgrade an item, and he actually "reeled me in" from spending money unnecessarily, focusing me instead on high-impact/high-value changes.


Finally, on a personal level he's a pleasure to interact with. I'd hire him again -- or recommend him -- without hesitation.

-- Erel, Upper West Side

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