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Celebrating David Guth’s Distinctive Feature in "Love Happens Magazine"

At Studio DLG, we've had the unique opportunity to witness the seamless blend of inspiration, creativity, and meticulous detail brought forth by our principal interior designer: David Guth. Today, as we take a moment to pause and reflect, it is with immense gratitude and pride that we announce David's spotlight in the renowned "Love Happens Magazine."

About "Love Happens Magazine"

"Love Happens Magazine" stands tall in the world of design and luxury. It’s not merely a publication; it's a testament to artistry, innovation, and the profound passion that designers bring to their work. Through its richly curated pages, the magazine has consistently provided a platform for visionaries, showcasing designs that transform spaces and influence global design trends. David's feature in such a prestigious outlet isn’t just an honor for him, but a moment of celebration for all of us who have been part of his artistic journey.

David Guth: The Creative Force Behind Studio DLG

For those who’ve had the pleasure to work with David, his accolades come as no surprise. Having been honored by as the 'Leading Full-Service Residential Interior Design Studio' in NYC in 2022 and earning the ‘Best of Houzz’ in both service and design categories, David’s approach to design has always been forward-thinking and innovative.

Elegance in Every Inch of NYC

New York, with its unique spatial challenges, becomes a canvas where David paints not just with colors, but with innovation. Each corner, each tiny nook isn’t a constraint but a potential masterpiece waiting to be realized.

From David's Design Book: Top Tips for Maximizing Spaces

  • Rise Up: Walls aren’t just boundaries. They are untapped vertical potential. Be it with bookshelves that kiss the ceiling or smart wall storage solutions, we’ve learned to always look upwards.

  • Smart Furniture Choices: Under David’s guidance, we've championed furniture that wears multiple hats. Beds with inbuilt drawers, sofas that unfurl into beds — every piece is chosen with purpose.

  • The Illusion of Space: David's penchant for mirrored walls and doors is more than just aesthetic. They double up as tools to amplify spaces, making them look roomier.

  • The Art of Organizing: Keeping everything in its place isn't just neat, it's efficient. Modular closets, drawer organizers, especially in kitchen spaces, have become our go-to recommendations under David’s direction.

Beyond Just Aesthetics

David's feature in "Love Happens Magazine" is more than just a recognition; it's a testament to his vision that drives all of us at Studio DLG. Here's to many more spaces that dream big, irrespective of their size!

With heartfelt appreciation,

Studio DLG


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