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The work of Studio DLG is anchored in the premise that good design should be available to everyone, regardless of the project's size or scope. Founder David Guth believes that a project is not complete until every detail has been attended to, whether outfitting a sprawling estate or maximizing a studio apartment.

The designs of Studio DLG have garnered attention for being uniquely urbane and eclectic yet playful and casual. Pulling inspiration from the many cities he has called home, David masterfully melds a sense of place with whimsy and charm.

David applies the skills and expertise he has honed throughout his decade-long career to every design. Even the smallest projects warrant a measured and elegant approach that maximizes the usability and beauty of a given space. 

"Good design exists at the intersection of classical theory and contemporary comfort. Moving forward is only possible when you know from where you have come."   - David Guth

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